Who We Are

International study abroad opportunities with an intentional foundation.

Our Vision & Core Values –

Our vision is to connect with and train qualified students for study abroad opportunities and cross-cultural internships.

We work with college students.

We’ve done it for more than 20 years, and we do it with the help of an international network of cultural exchange partners, supporters, and campuses across the United States.

We believe that college students have an unparalleled potential to bring their very best to the world around them, and we work to provide opportunities for that to happen.


We believe the best experiences often happen together. Our students participate in cross-cultural opportunities with other students from local campuses and communities.


Our vision is provide premier training for groups of students with the goal of a rich cross-cultural experience for both the student and the in-country host.

Our Work Happens By:


FOCUS provides world-class training. Our experiential training prepares students to be productive, effective and contagious engaging with their peers in different cultures.


FOCUS provides exciting opportunities for students to experience international life through connecting partnering organizations here with in-country hosts.

Representative Projects:

Wondering what a trip with FOCUS International would look like?

Sample Central Asia Project


Sample North Africa/Middle East Project


Sample East Asia Project


Sample South Asia Project


Sample Southeast Asia Project


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